The World's Biggest Oil And Gas Companies – 2015

The World's Biggest Oil And Gas Companies – 2015
It's remarkable that the world finds itself swimming in Too Much Oil. A decade ago Earth was using about 83 million barrels per day. That's grown to 93 million bpd now. Remember back in 2008 when the worryworts were prognosticating that record prices …
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Happiest countries in the world? Denmark, Norway, Switzerland
Friday marks the third annual International Day of Happiness. It's a global initiative started by the United Nations that focuses on happiness as a sign of progress in countries in addition to economic growth. Not feeling very happy? You may want to …
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'Call of Duty' News, Update: Black Ops 3 or World at War 2?
Treyarch is the house that brought the top selling "Black Ops" series as well as the 2008 hit "World at War." Activision, however, didn't reveal if the studio will continue on Black Ops 3 or World at War. Some even say that it could be a different game …
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