Police: Activist's online pleas for help were hoax

Police: Activist's online pleas for help were hoax
The posts Hoover made were shared by almost 1,500 people online and the Huffington Post reported that the #FindAdamHoover hashtag circled the nation and the world. The posts sparked an outcry on several social media platforms. Hoover's family said …
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It's ridiculously easy for teens to buy e-cigs online
Buying electronic cigarettes online is exceedingly easy for teenagers, according to a study conducted in North Carolina. Despite the state's e-cigarette age-verification law, more than 90 percent of vendors failed to verify the ages of teenagers who …
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Canada's Hardy Capital sees online shoe retailer IPO in 2015
TORONTO (Reuters) – Canadian entrepreneur and venture capitalist Roger Hardy said on Monday he is looking to take an online shoe retailing company public this year to tap investor appetite for e-commerce businesses. Hardy told Reuters by phone that he …
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Which Online Money Transfer Service Is the Most Secure?
Money transfer services that let you send money from your bank account to anyone with a few clicks at your computer, or a few taps on your smartphone, are fairly popular. Once you're used to sending money to a friend by email address or phone number …
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