Jules Witcover: Jerry Brown's latest water woes

Jules Witcover: Jerry Brown's latest water woes
WASHINGTON — California Gov. Jerry Brown has reason to appreciate the saying that what goes around, comes around. Some 38 years after coping with a massive drought in the Golden State in his first governorship, he's beleaguered again by the same …
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Latest News: 'Religious Freedom' Bills, Andrew Getty, Tikrit Victory
Good morning. Here's what you need to know: • Debating “religious freedom.” The Republican governor of Arkansas said he would not sign a “religious freedom” bill that reached his desk today until legislators make it mirror a federal version passed in 1993.
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The Note: Obama's Latest Numbers
NOTABLES. A FLATTENED APPROVAL RATING IS SOFTENED BY SOME UNDERLYING GAINS for Barack Obama in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll — with no sign of tailwinds for the Republicans in Congress. After a 9-point jump in overall …
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