Ford Makes Take-Your-Kid-To-Work-Day Bearable By Breaking World Record

Ford Makes Take-Your-Kid-To-Work-Day Bearable By Breaking World Record
Take Your Kid to Work Day has to be one of the most hit and miss “holidays” around. If your job is boring then your kid will be bored as well, and bored children make for stressed parents. Fortunately for Ford employees, dynamometer technician Matt …
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State lifts lockdown caused by Hawaii island attempted jailbreak
The state Department of Public Safety has lifted an emergency lockdown instituted early Saturday morning when four inmates at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center attempted to escape. The four inmates were arrested on suspicion of attempted …
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Is "Breaking The Seal" Really A Thing? Science Reveals Why You Pee So Much
We've all heard that when you're drinking, you should put off going to the bathroom for the first time for as long as possible, because once you go you'll break the seal and then you'll have to pee every ten minutes. And from personal experience it …
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BBC News for Apple Watch brings breaking news notifications to your wrist
Users of the app, which is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, can now enjoy receiving notifications for breaking news items at their wrist. As such, when a big story breaks, Apple Watch owners will never miss receiving the latest news as …
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