BREAKING: Officer-involved shooting overnight in Waterloo

BREAKING: Officer-involved shooting overnight in Waterloo
While attempting to break up the disturbance, officers attempted to stop a suspect, later identified as Javon Darnell Webb, 27, of Waterloo. Webb got into a vehicle and attempted to leave the parking lot. As he was fleeing the lot he drove towards an …

Uber driver arrested after breaking into a passenger's home, police say
An UberX driver circled back to the home of a passenger he'd recently dropped off at the airport and tried to burglarize the place — only to find that his intended victim had a roommate, Denver police said. Gerald Montgomery, 51, was arrested Tuesday …
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Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield breaking up?
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been one of Hollywood's most popular, adorable and stable couples for years now. So, naturally, they're breaking up. Well, hold on a minute. The news of the breakup comes from the Star tabloid, which means there's a …
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